The Butterfly House


In the heart of Vienna

Right in the centre of Vienna, just 200m from the opera you will find a unique, tropical oasis, peaceful and relaxing, the Imperial Butterfly House. In one of the most beautiful Art Noveau palm houses in the world, you enter a fantastic environment of adventure and excitement, populated by one of nature‘s most gentle and colourful creatures, the butterfly.

A Unique Flying Theatre

All year round you can admire around 400 live, free flying butterflies in the Butterfly House. Enjoy the strong and vivid colours and admire the grace and lightness, with which these creatures float through the air, past waterfalls and exotic plants, in an environment created especially for them to be as true to nature as possible.

A Historical Architectural Jewel 

The Schmetterlinghaus, The Imperial Butterfly House is housed within a stunning palm house, built during the Art Nouveu period at the beginning of the last century. The Butterfly House is in the very centre of Vienna. It is part of the Hofburg Royal Palace and is situated on the edge of the Burggarten palace gardens, just by the Albertina Art Museum and  200 meters from the Opera House.  Emperor Franz Josef I and Sisi, the Empress of Austria,  found  tranquility and quiet inside the wonderful Art Noveau building. Now allow yourself, to enjoy the amazing ambience and unique flora and fauna of the Butterfly House.

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